Original Magnesium Bath Flakes and Spray Bundle
Original Magnesium Bath Flakes and Spray Bundle
Original Magnesium Bath Flakes and Spray Bundle

Original Magnesium Bath Flakes and Spray Bundle

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A bundle containing:

1 x Original Magnesium Bath Flakes 1kg

1 x Original Magnesium Spray 100ml

  • Simple & Cleansing With No Additives or Preservatives.
  • Ideal for Sensitive Skin, Helping to Soften and Moisturise.
  • Transdermal Spray is Portable and Ideal for Use on the Go. Combined With a Healthy Diet, Supplemental Magnesium Helps to Maintain Good Bone Strength (Aids Calcium Absorption), Heart and Brain Health.

Our 100% natural MAG12 Original Bath Flakes are sourced from the Dead Sea and contain no additives or preservatives. They help to replenish magnesium that the body has lost, while promoting relaxation and a sense of calm. The benefits of using magnesium bath flakes include improved bone health, brain function and general wellbeing.

Directions for Use 

Add 200g of Original Flakes to your bath. Fill your tub with warm water, grab a cold drink and be sure to stay hydrated. Lie back, relax and bathe for a minimum of twenty minutes absorbing the magnesium transdermally.


Maris Sal.


For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.


Keep dry and use within 12 months of opening.


Using Dead Sea elemental magnesium blended with Welsh spring water, our MAG12 Original Spray supports wellbeing and brain function.


Magnesium Chloride, Spring Water.

Direction for Use

Shake well before use. Apply spray to limbs and muscles and rub in. Avoid sensitive areas and do not use on broken skin. Suitable for use during pregnancy.

Recommended Dosage

10 sprays provide 200mg of essential magnesium. Users may experience tingling after application which normally passes with regular use.

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